Online Payment methods

There are many different types of online payment method available these days, some are fairly well known like PaySafe and others are less well known like Neteller. All the payment methods which I list in this article are solid and are ones you can trust 100%. In any case the majority of these online payment methods let you draw money directly to and from your bank account so you never really keep any money with them they are just a conduit.

You may have noticed that a lot of casinos offer special deposit bonuses if you use these alternative payment methods and the reason for this is that there are sometimes loopholes that mean that a player can complain to their credit card company after a big loss saying they were swindled and sometimes the credit card company can claw the money back from the online casino. As you can well imagine this is not a situation that the online casinos enjoy especially when the vast majority of them are completely above board and honest and for this reason they prefer to loose just a little bit of money through deposit bonuses as opposed to risking all the money by people depositing by credit card. Having said that you can of course still use credit cards to deposit money into your gaming account but hopefully by the end of this article you will see that using online payment methods is easier and makes more sense.

The main online payment methods found at online casinos and poker rooms are Neteller, Moneybookers, PaySafe, ClickandBuy and PayPal. There are of course quite a few more but these are the ones that you will find at most online gaming establishments. Personally I have three separate accounts with Neteller, Moneybookers and PayPal and I haven’t been to an online gaming site recently that doesn’t accept at least one of those payment methods. 

If I was to recommend just one of them then I would probably say Neteller purely because of the options it gives you. In effect it is a proper little bank account kept offshore, you can get a debit account and even a credit card for your account which works in most countries around the world and it has a really clean and easy interface. The support for Neteller used to be quite scrappy but it has improved a lot recently and in any case when has support and banks ever co-existed!

I could go into more details about the various online payment methods and maybe I will in another post but I just wanted to show you all the options out there. In summary I urge you all to open at least one online payment account and start getting those juicy extra bonuses from the online casinos and poker rooms.