High Roller Casino Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular games at a High Roller Casino and offers some of the best odds. High Roller Online Casinos offer some really exciting Blackjack games with a very good range of betting levels, enough to suit even the wealthiest pocket. What is fun is that these online casinos offer many variations of Blackjack, not just the standard game, for example at most high roller casinos you’ll find European blackjack, Lucky 7 blackjack, Single deck blackjack and many more.

Blackjack in itself is a simple game to learn but is slightly trickier to master. The aim is to get as close to 21 as possible with 21 being the best total and if you achieve 21 with two cards then it’s called Blackjack.

The cards are worth the face value of the cards, with Jack, Queen and King being worth 10 and Ace worth 11. You are initially dealt two cards by the dealer, the "House", and you can then choose whether to receive another card or stick with what you’ve got. You should generally aim to get to at least 17 points. Your cards are dealt face up but the dealer, who deals himself 2 cards, has only one card visible. This visible card will influence your choice of whether or not to take another card. For example if the dealer is showing a card with a value of 10 then he is in the a very strong position so you need to get at least to 17 points yourself as chances are he will get to this total himself or herself. In most high roller casinos the dealer has to stop at 17 which means as soon as the dealers hand has a value of 17, either immediately or after taking additional cards, he has to "stick". this means that if you had 17 it would be a "push" which means you get your money back or if you had between 18 and 21 you would win and get paid out at 2:1. If however you get a natural Blackjack, for example a King and an Ace then you would get paid out at 2.5:1.

This then is the basic rules of Blackjack but there are many other documents on this site which go into far more detail. In any case I highly recommend this game of Blackjack because it is very easy to get into, offers great odds and is excellent fun to play. Check it out at one of our reviewed high roller casinos soon.