High Roller Casino Culture

The legal status of gambling has changed markedly in the past 25 years. From the introduction of casinos to Atlantic City in 1978 to the explosion of Indian gaming in North America, some form of gambling is legal in almost every state and province. Australia and New Zealand have large gaming industries, while the UK, France, Germany and other Western European countries allow various foorms of casino gambling. And the nations of Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia are all increasingly allowing more forms of gambling. In most parts of the world, patrons are now able to drive to a casino.

The types of casinos vary widely, however. In the UK, for example, patrons must be “members” of a casino in order to play. In France, on the other hand, the general public is free to enter. In Australia, gamblers can play slot machines in small clubs or large casinos.

European resorts like Monaco in France, Spain’s Gold Coast and Germany’s Baden-Baden offer different kinds of casino experiences, but they all rely on one thing: the ability of their clients to play … and lose.

An American-style casino is different from the European casino. In most cases, the European casinos are reserved effectively for the middle and upper classes. with entry fees, memberships or location serving as an effective barrier to those who either can’t afford to join or aren’t acceptable as members.

However, in the US, most casinos are open to everyone, with few restrictions on participation – outside of age or criminal background. American casinos, like many aspects of the American culture, are aimed at the masses. They are much more democratic.

All gaming resorts make the lion’s share of their money from the casino, so it is important to them that customers play in their casino as long as possible. Casino executives understand that the longer people play, the more likely they are to lose. Remember, in the short-term, you can profit from deviations from the law of averages, but the longer you play, the more vulnerable you are, and the more likely you are to end up losing.
To get you into the casino in a gaming resort that features other entertainment amenities, the house employs a variety of tools. The regulations can vary from country to country and even within a country, so many of these methods do not apply, but in general the idea is to get customers into the casino and keep them there as long as possible.

In Nevada. vou can’t walk anvwhere in a hotel without walking through the casino. Even when you’re checking in, you usually have to walk through the slot machines to get to the front desk. The friendly din of the slot machines is audible whenever you leave your room, encouraging you to slip a few coins into the machine and yank the arm just in case it’s your lucky day.

In the past, many casinos decorated their bedrooms in garish colours and busy designs. This was supposed to make the guests restless and encourage them to return to the casino. You’ll notice that televisions in casino rooms don’t sport a wide variety of channels and, in most cases, there are no minibars, so people are forced to leave their rooms in search of a drink.

Even if you’re eating in a casino restaurant, you’re still not insulated from the games. Keno runners will skip from table to table accepting bets for the next keno game. The keno numbers can be seen from every vantage point in the hotel. Some casinos have designed special slot machines that will let you eat while you make a bid to maximize business.
Alcohol plays a large role in keeping you in the casino. Cocktail waitresses circulate frequently through the tables and the slot machines to ply the players with free drinks. Alcohol greases the casino’s cash stream. Even when you want to take a break, casino bars have video-poker machines embedded in the bar that constantly flash their appealing message. It’s difficult to sit still and resist the temptation to try your luck.

Many casinos also pump extra levels of oxygen into their ventilation systems, which gives players a feeling of well-being, making them feel lucky, with the aim that they will increase their bets. However, casino executives defend this practice by saying they are just increasing the flow of fresh air.

Don’t expect to see any clocks in a casino. The executives want you to lose track of time and neither know nor care whether it’s night or day. Windows were never originally included in casino design, but that concept is beginning to change now that most casinos are located in resort areas that have spectacular vistas.

Today’s casinos take advantage of those great views so that when you sit at a gambling table or slot machine you can appreciate the surroundings. You can then return home with tales of the beautiful scenery, even if you never actually left the casino.