Placing a bet in Roulette

The American Casino Roulette system is different to the European. America first. It is generally operated by two dealers. One takes all the bets, spins the ball, announces the number, takes all the losers and pays the winners. The second dealer, in America, called a “muck er”, re-stacks the chips and pushes the winning bets out to the first dealer who delivers them to the players. Frequently, however, only one dealer handles all the action at the roulette table.

Once you understand how and where to make your bets, you begin by sitting down at the table and buying chips. Please note that roulette is the only game in the casino that uses different, non-value chips. Although they are called non-value, that doesn’t mean they don’t represent money; they do. In this case, non-value means that they are worthless at any other gaming table.

Check the minimums before sitting down. For example, if you’re playing a £2.50 minimum table, you must place at least £2.50 for every bet you make on the outside. For instance, if you are betting red, odd and the high bet (19-36), you must place £2.50 in chips on each bet. On the inside bets, however, your bets must only total £2.50. Whether you bet five numbers straight up, four numbers straight up and one split, or two corners, two split and one straight up, all your bets must total £2.50 or more. Often, the minimum will be higher.

Depending upon the minimum and your buy in, the dealer will ask you what value you want your chips to be. For a £2.50 game, the minimum value for chips is usually £1. For a £1 minimum game, chips will probably be worth 50 pence. It’s generally your choice, and will be determined by how many bets you want to make on each spin.

If you are unsure of the procedures and the minimum bets at any table, simply ask the dealer, and he’ll be glad to explain the casino’s policy.
These procedures vary in the European game. While American dealers sweep the layout with their hands and arms, European croupiers use a long stick, or “rake”, to sweep in all bets. And, in Europe, roulette games do not use non-value chips. All players use the standard casino chips which can cause great confusion when there are a multitude of bets on the layout. If you’re playing in Europe, keep an eye on your bets and be certain how much you’ve bet. Bets are paid from the outside in. The dealer will pay the bets furthest away from him and work in, until he gets to the inside bets, which get paid last.