Four-Card Poker

This game is similar to three-card poker. The player makes an initial bet called the ‘ante-wager’. Players are dealt five cards and have to make their best four-card poker hand. The dealer is dealt six cards – five face down and one face up. He uses the six cards to make his best four-card poker hand. There are also variants where the player gets six cards and the dealer gets seven.

After looking at his cards the player can then make an additional bet up to three times the initial bet this is called the ‘play wager’. Alternatively, he can fold and will lose his ante wager. The playrers hand must equal or beat the dealer’s to win. If the plaryer wins both bets are paid at odds of even money. For high-ranking hands, the ante-wager is paid at the odds shown below. There is also an aditional bet called ‘aces up wager’ that the player can make if his hand is a pair of aces or higher.

The ranking of the hands is different from that of traditional poker.

Ranking of hands
1 Royal flush
2 Four of a kind
3 Straight flush
4 Three of a kind
5 Straight
6 Two pair
7 Flush
8 One pair
9 High card
Odds for four-card poker
                                Bonus             Aces Up
Four of a kind             25/1
Straight Flush             20/1
Three of a kind           2/1                 9/1
Flush                                               6/1
Straight                                            4/1
Two Pair                                           2/1
Pair of Aces                                      1/1