Getting the Best of the Casino Tables.

Casinos spend millions in promoting their games. Everyone knows about how casinos bring in high players, and treat them to a room, food, drinks and entertainment in exchange for a chance to take their money.

The casinos are betting that the money they advance to host the high roller player is an investment that will be returned when the player hits the tables, or today, even the slot machines. To qualify for such a "complimentary" (or comp), a player has to demonstrate that he is indeed a high roller by giving casino executives the action they expect.

The level of betting to qualify as a high roller player varies from casino to casino. At a small casino in the provinces, a high roller gambler might be someone who bets £15 a hand at blackjack. At one of the glamorous Las Vegas Strip casino resorts, it might take a £300 a hand average bet to even attract attention.

The point is that a casino is willing to return a certain percentage of your action in complimentaries, whether you are playing slots or table games. You don’t have to be a high roller player; you don’t even have to be a regular customer. Most important, you don’t even have to lose; all you have to do is satisfy their qualifications for time played and average bet.

Table Talk

The key to being recognized as a regular player, and to therefore receive the benefits that are distributed to regular players, is to get rated.

Getting rated is simple. In most casinos, you can use the same card issued by the slot machine clubs to be rated at either the machines or the table games. So before you begin to play, stop by the promotions booth and sign up. They will ask your name, address, telephone number, and most likely specialized information, such as your game preferences, birthday, anniversary and other information that will enable them to tailor special promotions to specific audiences.

To be rated at the tables means that the supervisors track your betting style, from the amount of money you use, and the time you spend playing, to your average bet. They even note how well you play the game, because that will be evaluated, as well, when they determine the comps for which you are eligible.

Getting rated at the tables also gives you the opportunity to speak with the casino personnel, from the dealers and the supervisors to the pit manager – who oversees the action in his "pit", or collection of tables. They will be most helpful in clearing up any questions about how to play the game, the pay-outs and the procedures for obtaining comps. If you aren’t satisfied with the answers or the attitudes of the personnel assigned to that table, move on. There will be plenty of options for you, particularly if you are playing in a big city.