History of dice games

Dice, also known as craps, is a game based on the throws of two
dice. Players predict whether or not a winning or a losing score will be thrown. The complex betting layout makes dice appear more difficult than it actually is. The basic game is relatively easy to learn. Although the layout incorporates a wide choice of bets, in practice, only a few are worth playing.

Dice games are one of the oldest forms of gambling and were originally played with dice fashioned from the knucklebones of sheep. Gambling was very popular in Ancient Rome where various forms of dice game were played. Gradually these games spread across Europe. During the 18th and 19th centuries hazard was a popular game played by the aristocracy. Craps got its name when hazard was introduced to France. Crabs, a pair of ones, was the lowest score. The French misinterpreted the word ‘crabs’ as craps.
European settlers brought the game to America where it was simplified and became the modern game of craps.