Hitting and Standing in Blackjack

The most important decisions a player has to make is whether to hit or stand on particular hard and soft hands in Blackjack at casinos.Fortunately, the choices are rather straightforward. For hard hands, if the player’s cards total 12 or higher, there are three simple rules:

– If the dealer shows a Seven or higher, hit if the player hand totals 12 to 16.

– Stand on any hand totalling 17 or above.
– Stand if the player cards total 12 to 16 and the dealer shows a Two to Six.

On soft hands, hit and stand as follows:

– If the dealer shows an Eight or less, players stand on soft 18 and more. Players always stand on soft 19 and above.

– Players always draw to soft 17 or less. Players only draw on soft 18 if the dealer shows an Eight Nine or Ten.