Introduction to Baccarat

Baccarat is the casinos most elegant and profitable game, with an air of sophistication and wealth. Although it looks complicated and intimidating, baccarat is one of the casinos simplest and most profitable games for the player.
If roulette is a glamorous game enjoyed by Europe’s upper crust, then baccarat is the game of kings. Until James Bond began playing the game in the Sixties, it was one of the casino’s most misunderstood games. Crouched in mystery, baccarat is conducted in a private gaming room, and caters to some of the world’s biggest high gamblers – or “whales” as they’re known to casino executives.

The dealers are attired in tuxedos rather than standard casino uniform. The supervisors watch over the game like hawks, sometimes sitting in chairs elevated above the game, to give them a complete view of the action. The players seem to be a cut above those vou’d find on the casino floor.

It seems a million miles from the rattle of the slot machines, where the players are noisily slamming coins into the shrill machines. Baccarat is unlike any other casino game, but it is in reality one of the simplest games in the house. Yet because of its elegant atmosphere, baccarat seems to be beyond the reach of the average gambler. Don’t let them try to tell you that.

Baccarat (pronounced “bah-kah-rah”) is one of the most socially involved games, one where you get to know your fellow players, and one where it’s very difficult to do something wrong. At the same time, you can’t make bad strategy decisions that will erode the minimal house advantage. In short, baccarat should be investigated by any player looking for entertainment and a good return on his investment.