Online Bingo

How do
you chat during games of online bingo?


The web’s
premium online bingo parlours contain split screen games. In other words, half
the screen contains a digital bingo game, while the other half of your screen contains
a chat box (similar to messenger). Once you’re a member of your favourite site,
you’ll be able to make friends and chat to other member during games by simply
typing in the box. You can select private messaging with one or more of your
friends, people you want to be your friends :), or join in the mass free for

the bingo lingo and making friends is the key to really getting the bingo buzz
– plus, it also enables you to join in the bonus chat games (card games,
trivia, brain teasers) which payout in free bingo credits for hours of free


How do
you play & win at online bingo?

bingo parlours either offer 90 Ball Bingo, 75 Ball Bingo or preferably – a
choice of both the UK
style 90 and the American 75 game. Either way – the basic aim of the games
remain very similar. Every time you buy a bingo ticket – the bingo software
creates a completely randomised set of numbers. So – even if you play with 50
bingo tickets in every game…the chances of an identical ticket are virtually

Your aim
is to mark off the numbers that match those drawn by the bingo spinner. If you
match enough numbers to form a winning combo – you win a cash reward! 90 Ball
combos are generally for 1-line, 2-lines and Full House jackpots, while the American
game often delivers whacky combos and game card shapes!

Most bingo
websites will automatically indicate when you have a winning card – so if you
miss a couple of numbers (probably because you’re new to the game or chatting
away!)……you’ll still get alerted to the win! What’s more, you can use
auto-daub options to let the computer mark you card – just sit back, chat and
relax in style!


much can you win playing online bingo?

Bingo is a
game of luck – so while everyone has a chance of winning with every ticket,
some gamers get luckier than others. You’re also likely to go through hot and
cold gaming sessions – but remember to always keep smiling! If you’re one of
the really lucky bingo players, you can win big progressive bingo jackpots
worth thousands. At the other end of the scale, low level bingo wins can
deliver enough to buy a another session’s worth of bingo tickets. Bingo payouts
happen frequently, but their value depends on factors including ticket price,
game type and parlour. Most long-term gamers manage to enjoy some nice medium
sized payouts.


Can you
play online bingo for free?

Bingo tickets range in price – but with good parlours offering ticket prices
from 5-10 pence, everyone can afford some weekly gaming sessions. The good news
is – new gamers don’t have to spend a penny to trial real bingo games. You can
easily find offers of £5 free
credits when you join, risk-free.


bingo websites the same as online casinos?

parlours have a much more relaxed vibe than many online casinos – so you’re
sure to find a very warm welcome from the parlour’s bingo hosts and existing
members. Hundreds of people are signing-up every week – so you definitely won’t
be the only newbie! However, many online bingo parlours have mini-casinos
offering video slots and classic, real-feel casino games.


Why are
so many people playing online bingo?

seems to be playing online bingo – from office workers, to hip student, to
doctors and even a huge bunch of celebrities! The fact is bingo is great fun
and it makes everyone welcome and feel the same – just special!