Poker Chips

If you only play poker online,
the importance of poker chips being used in the games might not be all that
obvious to you, but you should know, that besides being an integral part of the
whole casino atmosphere and environment, there are a few very solid reasons why
these tokens are being used instead of real money.

They are much more convenient to
use, counterfeiting them is almost impossible for several reasons: real casino
chips are specifically made in a way that makes counterfeiting very difficult.
The markings and prints on the chips are quite difficult to reproduce, and the
trained eyes of the casino employees mean nothing short of a perfect copy will
slip past their vigilance. Even if someone does manage to come up with perfect
copies, casinos have other ways to catch counterfeiters red-handed too. One
Canadian casino replaced all its chips and replaced them with alternative ones,
when they suspected counterfeiters were around. That allowed them to catch the
crooks in the act and have them arrested.


Chips are also much easier to
count when they’re stacked up, and the dealer has a much easier time paying out
players. The possibility of errors slipping into the payout is also much
reduced. Last, but certainly not least, it’s been proven that people find it
much easier to gamble on chips than on actual money.

Most authentic and/or quality
poker and casino chips are called “clay chips”. Make no mistake though, these
chips are not 100% clay by any means. If they were made of pure clay, they just
wouldn’t be resistant-enough to withstand the wear and tear they’re subjected
to, every day. This is the reason why – when making these chips – manufacturers
use a combination of clay and resin, plus sand or chalk. The actual
manufacturing process is a secret, but there are a few things, common to all
quality poker chips: The inserts, (aka edge spots) are not painted on. The maker
punches bits and pieces of the actual material the chips are made of, out, and
then fills the space with a different color, same consistency material which is
then molded together with the rest of the chip through thermal compression. The
extreme heat and pressure, the chip is subjected to, means the spots will mold
into it perfectly, and they will look like they’re painted on, but if you break
the chip, you’ll see the cross-section of it exhibiting the different materials
it’s made of.


Poker chips also have “inlays”,
which bear the graphics and artwork unique for every single casino and poker
room. Inlays are usually made of paper and/or plastic, and they’re applied to
the chip surface before compression, so once the chip’s done, they become
impossible to detach without breaking the chip first.

The fact that “clay” chips are
the most popular with casinos, doesn’t mean there are no chips made out of all
sorts of exotic materials. There are ceramic chips, wooden chips, leather chips,
aluminum chips, and let’s not forget about cheap old plastic chips. For these,
injection molding technology is used, and ABS plastic. Sometimes, you’ll find a
metal disk at the core of a plastic chip like this, which is there to lend it


With home poker games gaining in
popularity, poker chips manufacturers are also seeing a boom in business. If you
host poker games yourself, you should know that purchasing such chips (and other
home-poker accessories for that matter) is no longer a challenge. You can find
just about any quality and price-range online, what’s more, you don’t even have
to settle for what manufacturers have on stock, just place an order and have
your chips custom made.

Custom poker chips are not only
great to have around to play with, they make excellent gifts, too.


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