Three to two – Blackjack

To make blackjack more interesting, many casinos have developed variations or additional bets on blackjack games in an on line casino.
In most cases, these varied and imaginative games should be avoided as they may distract beginners or intermediate players from their goal, which is to beat the house using basic strategy. But they can be enjoyable, once you understand that playing strict basic strategy is the only way to win.

Some of the more widespread blackjack options, that you will find in casinos around the world are:

– Multi-Action Blackjack: This game has three betting circles, in which you place three separate bets. The dealer uses one upcard, but plays it out three times to satisfy the three bets. The player plays out his hand before the dealer makes any moves. If he busts, he loses all three bets. Basic strategy should be used for this game because the expectations are exactly the same. But the danger arises when the player doesn’t make draws that may bust his hand, which plays right into the casino’s hands. If you insist on playing this game, don’t vary your basic strategy.

– Over/Under: In this game, you make a side bet on whether the next hand you will be dealt will be either over 13 or under 13 on the first two cards. Aces count as one, and the dealer takes all 13 ties. The rule is very unfavourable to the player, and should be avoided. But you can still play basic strategy blackjack on a table with this option without any effect.

– Red or Black: In this bet, you are betting whether the first card you are dealt is red or black. This might appear to be a 50-50 proposition, but the casino throws in a kicker. If the second card is the same colour as the one you choose, the bet is a tie. Forget it.

– Face-Up or Double Exposure Blackjack: This game is not blackjack. Yes, you are trying to get closest to 21, but there’s a considerable difference. You get to see both of the dealer’s cards. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Wrong. What you give up to see the dealer’s cards simply isn’t worth what you gain. You only get paid even money on blackjack, but the big drawback is that you lose ties. There are situations, however, where the game can be played without giving the house an unreasonable advantage. But because it is rather extensive, it should be avoided until you feel comfortable with the basic strategy and can move on.