What is Roulette?

Two main versions of the game are played online – American and European roulette. Both games have the same basic principle of predicting the winning number but the betting layout and wheel are different.
Players bet on which number the ball will land in after it has been spun around the wheel. Bets are made by placing chips on the layout, which is marked with the same numbers. A wide choice of different bets can be made including individual numbers and groups of up to 18 numbers. Bets made on the winning number are paid at set odds. To start playing, onscreen chips are bought. To make a bet, players touch on a chip with their mouse pointer and drag it to the correct betting position. A timer indicates how long a player has left to bet. The ball is spun from the last winning number. So if the last winning number was 36, on the next spin the starting point of the ball will be number 36. The winning number will appear on the screen. The winning bets are automatically calculated and paid by the software.