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Here at High Roller Casinos we will guide you through the often confusing world of Online Casinos and point you to the Casinos which offer the biggest High Roller bonuses and in our opinion the most enjoyable gaming experience. Our main focus is on High Roller Online Casinos and High Roller Bonuses but we also review Poker Rooms, Sportsbooks and any other online gambling sites which we feel meet our high standards. So look through our site, read our articles, news, freerolls and casino reviews and if you have anything to say about one of our casinos or poker rooms please feel free to leave a comment.


There is no doubt about it, Intercasino is high up on my list of favourite online casinos. Intercasino are one of the trend setters in the online casino industry and that is always a good sign for a casino which takes itself and its customers seriously. Intercasino uses one of the top online gaming softwares and benefits hugley from this in terms of playability and looks. Intercasino have always had a good selection of promotions and bonuses to tempt its players with and I will discuss this more later on in this review of Intercasino.

Casino Tropez Review £3000 99%
21Nova Review £3200 98%
Rubyfortune Casino Review £750 97%
888 Review £800 96%
MummysGold Casino Review $500 96%
SpinPalace Poker Review $50 98%
Titan Poker Review $500 96%
InterPoker Review $1000 92%
LuckyAcePoker Review $400 91%
Action Poker Review $2500 89%

High Roller Casino and Poker Articles:

High Roller Casino Bonuses
It is important to understand the differences between high roller casino bonuses and standard casino bonuses before you sign up. This article gives some useful tips in this regard.

Video Poker - Introduction
How video poker gives a skilled player the chance to get the best break at any gambling machine. Possibly the best way to get money out of the casino without using illegal methods.

A Systems Approach to Slots
Jim Wilson makes a monthly excursion to Caesars Palace. He flies from his home in suburban Chicago and spends a long weekend in Las Vegas, taking in shows, betting on an occasional sporting event, like boxing but mainly playing the slots.

Slot machines - FAQ
The following quiz may clear up some of the confusion that faces a prospective casino online slot-machine player when deciding on where and what machines to play at for example

Slot Carousels
Most online casinos have sets of slot machines that are grouped by denomination called carousels. Casino's usually have a theme that is designed to attract a certain kind of player.

Full Coin Play Slots
Multiple-coin machines have several definitions. On a single-line machine, the player inserts from one to five coins. There are two general categories of single-line, reel-spinning games, known in the trade as a "multiplier" and a "buy-a-pay".

History of Slot machines
Where did slot machines come from, and how have they achieved the remarkable popularity we see today?

Those Sensational Slots
When you start betting on slot machines you can, with some luck, be talking about life-changing sums of money. But how much luck do you need? It's man against machine, but does man really have a chance?

Poker - A pro's story
Michael quit his regular job several years ago for a new profession. He now plays poker for a living, and does very well at the best online casinos, thank you with a very nice Bankroll.

Texas Hold'em - After the Flop
You've decided that your starting hand is strong enough to continue to play, and you've matched the blind and any raises to see the flop in poker at an online casino.