Craps – Introduction

The most exciting game in the casino or online casino is undoubtedly craps. Most of the shouting and rooting can be traced to the dice games, and for good reason. Craps can be the most favourable game in the casino if you understand how to take advantage of its attractive bets.

Blackjack players approach their game with the studiousness of professors. Roulette players are like cartographers, mapping their way around the multi-numbered layout.
Baccarat players are serious gamblers, with their emotions riding the game’s twists and turns. And slot machine players stare at their machines with a mind-numbing expression,
only breaking their rhythm to celebrate wins.

But over in the corner, you hear some yelling and rooting, it seems like the most exciting place in the entire casino. You see a crowd of people gathered around what appears to be a pit, but is actually a craps game. Craps, or dice, is easily the
casino’s most thrilling game. When the dice are falling the right way, there are few other experiences that rival it.

As mentioned previously, craps is not a very popular game in Europe, and particularly the UK. Perhaps that is because, for centuries, all dice games were banned in England because King Charles I was distraught when his soldiers whiled away their time playing these games instead of preparing for battle. Legalized in the 1970s, dice games have never caught on, perhaps because the excitement and enthusiasm generated at the craps table never seemed very “British”. But with the coming liberalization of gaming laws, UK punters would be well advised to reconsider their initial impressions about this exciting and potentially profitable game.