Place bets in Craps

Another way to bet multiple numbers at a craps game is to “place” your bets. These bets can be made at any time. To place a bet, following the come-out roll, you simply tell the dealer you’d like to “place the six” or any of the other place numbers – four, five, six, eight, nine and ten – you’d like to take.

Unlike the come-line bets, the dealer must take the chips from you and place the bets. In no situation should the player ever reach above the come line, which is the unofficial dividing point between the players and the dealers. He places the chips in a corresponding position to your playing position at the table, so he can easily identify which bets belong to which players.

The odds for the place numbers are as follows:

•    For the four and ten, 9-5;

•    For the five and nine, 7-5;

•    For the six and eight, 7-6.

Place and buy bets can only be set up by the dealer. To make this bet, simply tell the dealer you want to “place” a particular number. Place bets are not paid at true odds, while buy bets are because you pay a commission to ‘buy” those bets.

Right now you’re saying “Why should I place on the four or ten at odds of 9-5, when I can bet a come bet, place the odds and get 2-1 ?”

The answer is that on the come line, you’ve got to wait for the number to hit before you can take odds. And you’ll get no odds if you bet the come; your bet will simply be moved to the place bet box number. Then you have to wait for the number to hit a second time before you get a payout.

If you place a number, you get paid the first time it hits. But you suffer by placing your number bets. The casino advantage for the four and ten is a large 6.7 per cent. For the five and nine, the edge is four per cent, and for the six and eight, it’s a more reasonable 1.5 per cent.

It is only advisable to take the six and eight because of the small advantage, as well as the fact that six and eight are the second-most likely combinations to be rolled apart from the seven.

If you do bet these numbers, you must make the exact bets, or you won’t get a full payout. For instance, you must bet £6 to win £7 on the six and eight. For the five and nine, £5 will get you £7, and for the four and ten, £5 will win £9. If you’re betting higher, bet in multiples of those amounts. Anything less, and the house will further expand its advantage.

Place bets can be taken down at any time. Simply ask the dealer to “Take me down” and you’ll get all your bets back. Place bets are also “off’ or “not working” on the come-out roll.