Playing Strategy in Online Poker

There is no physical contact between the players. You cannot see them and they cannot see you. This means you do not have to worry about keeping a poker face and paying attention to your body language. This also means that you cannot assess other players’ body language and look for tells. As technology improves, games may be introduced where the players can see each other via web cameras.

As you cannot see the players you need to develop a different strategy for playing. The strategy used needs to be based more on probabilities, betting patterns and knowledge gained from previous games with players that you may encounter in the future. If you regularly play on the same site, you may regularly play with the same players and build up a body of information about the habits and betting patterns of these players.


Internet tournaments

Online card rooms offer lots of poker tournaments. Internet tournaments are much shorter than traditional tournaments.

Single-table tournaments are where nine players compete. There is usually a prize for the top three finishers with the prize being divided as follows:

winner 50%
second place 30%
third place 20%

In multi-table tournaments, you will compete against hundreds of other players. The players will be randomly located seats and may play several rounds. As players get knocked out, the remaining players are re-seated until just nine players remain on the final table. The winner is the player who wins all the other players’ chips. The advantage of multi-table tournaments is that you can win a large prize for a small entry fee.


Speed tournaments

With speed tournaments, the value of the blind increases every few minutes. This ensures that the tournament is quickly finished. Speed tournaments can be played both as single table games and multi-table games.