Recommended Starting Hands for Poker Cash Games

Here is the very basic guide to starting hands and the action you might take with them. As you gain expe¬rience, you will modify these actions to take into account your opponents and what you have learnt about them.

Premium Starting Hands
Always RAISE in any position; always RE-RAISE in any position.

Good Starting Hands
JJ 1010 AQ suited
CALL in early positions; RAISE in late position; CALL small raises; consider RE-RAISING a button raise or a late-position raise.

Other Starting Hands
99 88 77 66 55 44 33 22 AQ AJ suited
CALL in most positions; consider a RAISE in late position and on the button. CALL (and consider RE-RAISING) small raises and button raises.

Weakest Starting Hands
KJ suited QJ suited J10 suited KQ suited
CALL in all positions, FOLD if raised by a player in early position.
FOLD if the flop does not hit encouragingly (2 Pair, Straight or Flush draw), and there is a raise.