Relying on Betting Systems

Gamblers instinctively understand that by wagering the same amount every time, they ultimately fall prey to the law of averages and will lose. They reason:
“If I could somehow vary my bets, perhaps I could come out ahead. All I need to do is win my big bets and lose my smaller ones.” Unfortunately, that strategy
is easier said than done. But that hasn’t kept numerous people from trying to find the Holy Grail of gambling – a winning progressive betting system.

Any betting system that has you change the size of your bet depending on whether you win or lose is considered a progressive system. Because most gamblers understand that the house has the edge, they vainly search for creative ways to gain the upper hand over the casino. Betting systems generally come in two f1avors: positive and negative. With positive systems, the bettor increases his bet after a win by some predetermined amount. The idea behind a positive system is to ride winning streaks by parlaying profits from one winning bet to the next. Negative systems are more common; they involve betting more after a loss. The idea behind a negative system is to raise your bet amount to make up for a loss or losses in one single bet. This article looks at two of the more common systems.

My advice: Avoid all progressive betting systems. They may look appealing, but ultimately they all fail.