Taking safety into your own hands

The modern casino should be a carefree environment where you forget your troubles, spend money, and – with hope – win some money back. Although winning isn’t always possible, at the very least you expect a safe environment in which to gamble. Unfortunately, where innocent, naive, and trusting people congregate in great numbers – surrounded by huge amounts of disposable income – the predators of society gather as well. Thieves are on the prowl for ways to separate you or even the casinos from hard-earned cash.

Although casinos implement the most stringent security measures and the latest in state-of-the-art surveillance technology, you, as a prudent casino guest, should assume responsibility for your own safety. The following tips can help you avoid becoming a victim of a casino predator:

– Tuck your wallet in a safe, hard-to-access spot, such as your front pocket.
– If you carry a purse, take a small one that you can wear close to your body, preferably under a jacket or wrap.
– Guard your chips or slot tokens; these work the same as money, so treat them accordingly.
– If you go to the casino solo, be cautious about the overly friendly people you meet. Maintain tight control of your personal information, get your drinks straight from the cocktail servers, and keep your big wins to yourself so you don’t become a target.