Ten Simple Rules

Here at High-Roller Casinos we like to ensure that your gaming experience is as pleasant as possible and to this end we have come up with 10 simple rules which will ensure that you enjoy playing at online casinos as much as we do.

  1. Always play at a reputable online casino which has either been around a long time or is run by a company which have a good reputation in the industry. You are assured of this if you select one of the casinos and/or poker rooms listed on our pages.
  2. Find a casino game which you really enjoy playing. For example if you enjoy playing Slots games then you should select an online casino which is focused towards that whilst if you prefer table games then other online casinos might be better for you. In the same way if you prefer playing poker then select from our list of online poker rooms instead of online casinos as the nearest you will get to poker games at an online casino are various video poker games.
  3. Don’t chase your losses, this is in fact one of the most common mistakes made by inexperienced casino players and in a way it is easier to do when playing at an online casino than at a standard bricks and mortar casino. If you loose all the money you had for playing with then chalk it up to a bad night and walk away. If the luck hasn’t been with you up to this point in the evening then it is unlikely to change just because you pump more money in. It’s more likely that because you are already frustrated you will play badly and loose the extra money as well!
  4. Check that the casino has a good FAQ section where they explain their rules and regulations as well as a good customer service. The best online casinos offer live support where you can chat directly to customer support staff.
  5. It is vital that you decide how much money you are going to play with at the start of the evening before you begin playing. Please please remember that online casinos and poker rooms are meant to be fun so don’t gamble for more than you can comfortably afford to loose. If you decide to play for $500 and loose the money quickly don’t be tempted to put more money in, just analyse where you went wrong or put it down to rotten luck and try again another day.
  6. Check the bonuses and promotions offered from the online casino or poker room and carefully study the requirements attached to them. If a bonus seems ridiculously generous then it may also be very hard to attain, but not always, some bonuses are genuinely incredibly generous. More often than not though the really big bonuses are hard to get whilst the more modest bonuses are attained without even trying!
  7. Don’t play while the kids are still awake, they will only distract you and lead to you making errors in your play, which in turn will lead to you yelling at them and then you probably feeling bad and playing even worse! Instead I would say that whilst playing at online casinos is obviously great fun it is even more fun to spend time with your kids and when the little "darlings" have finally gone to the land of nod you can have some fun at the casinos. Of course if you don’t have any kids you can play any time you want, the beauty with online casinos is that they are always open!
  8. Make the area where you play as comfortable and uncluttered as possible. Pour yourself a nice drink and if it is medicinal in nature make sure you don’t drink too much, whilst getting a bit tipsy is relaxing it isn’t particularly clever when playing casino games or playing poker so keep everything in moderation. Another huge benefit of playing at online casinos and poker rooms is that you get to decide when you have your breaks so you should make full use of this and take frequent breaks to keep yourself from getting into a rut or just getting tired and making silly mistakes in your play. It’s also a good idea to not stare at a computer screen for too long at one time.
  9. When the luck is really with you it’s a good idea to put some of your winnings to one side so that if it all should go wrong you won’t be left with nothing to show for your nights work. When you are in the middle of a good roll it is very hard to remember this but it is so very annoying to loose your whole stack especially if you were up at one point!
  10. A lot of online casinos offer an extra bonus if you refer a friend to them and you should really take advantage of this where available and refer as many of your friends to your favourite casino as possible. Not only do you get some extra bonus money but more often than not your friends will get a bit of extra money to play with as well.