Texas Hold’em Poker – Suited Connectors

When you have two cards of the same suit, which are touching in value, such as 9(C),8(C) or 10(D),9(D) you have a low-value hand, but with potential to form a strong, winning hand – such as a Straight, a Flush, or even a Straight Flush.
if and when you become a little more experienced, I would recommend calling the Big Blind bet in a late position and seeing the flop. If the flop hits your hand perfectly, then you have a chance to clean up. If the flop doesn’t hit you well, Just let the hand go and you’ve wasted comparatively little in your quest to win a big pot.
There are some players who call bets and even quite large raises with these suited connector hands but, once again, judging what to do after the flop is complicated and best left to those with plenty of experience.