Those Sensational Slots

Slot machines – often called fruit machines in the UK and pokies in Australia – have been around for many years. In the UK, there are many varieties of machines. Some are located in casinos or arcades in major cities. Others are tucked away in the corners of pubs or snooker clubs. Still others are lined up along the bulkheads of the large ferries. Most are classified as AWP machines, meaning Amusements
With Prizes, with limited jackpots and infrequent payouts. Anyone who is familiar with AWPs will feel at home in a casmo.

In casinos, the slot machines can offer huge, life-changing jackpots. But let’s go back to the start to trace the slot machine’s development. Many years ago, casino executives were surprised to discover that the money they were making at the table games was beginning to decline, and the profits generated by the slot machines were growing. But the casino executives just weren’t paying attention. With computers becoming a vital part of everyday life, young people developing an attraction to video games, and instant gratification turning the modern world upside-down, it was only natural that slot machines would begin to become the casinos’ main profit earner.

By the mid-Eighties, slot machines had matched table games in popularity, and by the time the decade turned, the so-called “one-armed bandits” had clearly become the casino’s favourite game. Today, more than two-thirds of casino revenue in the US is actually derived from the slot machine. Those same casino executives didn’t try to change the trend, however. They were delighted that slot machines were
exhibiting such popularity. After all, the money derived from slot machines is preprogrammed and absolutely guaranteed, while table game revenues are subject to the ebb and flow of Lady Luck. So slot machines became their cushion, with table games generally making up the difference between a great month or simply a good month.

The casinos can count on slot-machine revenues because the machines are simply computers. The profit can be programmed into the machines by the use of a random number generator that determines just how much of the money played in that particular machine will be returned as winnings.
So why should casino customers play the slot machines, since the casino is guaranteed to win? The same random number generator that provides the casino with its guaranteed profit, also gives the player the opportunity to win and win big plus they are a LOT of fun.